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From pouring and leveling concrete on-site to interpreting blueprints, with our data-driven recruitment and service, we select the right people for your prefab projects.

At Blinkr, we build the future together.

Prefab solutions for every project

At Blinkr, we maximize the potential of prefab projects by connecting the right personnel to projects that suit them. With our specialization in data-driven recruitment for concrete production, blueprint interpretation, and concrete pouring and leveling, we have become a well-known name in the world of prefab.

Why choose Blinkr for Prefab

Data-driven recruitment for prefab solutions

At Blinkr, we always find the perfect candidates for every prefab project by utilizing our innovative data-driven recruitment. With our knowledge and years of experience in the prefab industry, we ensure a good match for every project. Additionally, we work towards a sustainable future by producing concrete at production sites rather than at the construction site itself. Whether it's an all-rounder or a specialist, Blinkr has the right match for everyone.

Satisfied Clients Share Their Experiences

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"Blinkr has been supporting us in recruiting concrete workers for a solid 4 years now. Blinkr knows exactly which people fit well with us and which soft skills are valuable. We know what we need from each other, and Blinkr understands our hands-on mentality."


Business Manager, MBS Soest

"Blinkr has been helping us for 2-3 years in finding insulation technicians. Currently, we have 2 permanent colleagues working with us. Blinkr arranged the accommodation and transportation for the employees."


Foreman, IsoHVAC

"Blinkr takes care of our administrative work. We only need to provide the worked hours of our employees on a weekly basis, and Blinkr handles the rest. This includes all the necessary contracts and certificates, such as the legal documents like the A1 declaration, as well as accommodation and transportation."

Dhr. Balkenende

Business Manager, Prefab beton soest

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