Empowering your projects with skilled technicians

At Blinkr, we bring together skilled technicians and outstanding projects. Our commitment to delivering "Good people, no headache" ensures a seamless experience for both clients and candidates.

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Beneficial projects

Enhancing Projects for a Better Tomorrow

At Blinkr, we collaborate with our clients to enhance their projects, creating win-win scenarios for all parties. By prioritizing quality, efficiency, and sustainability, we contribute to the long-term success of our clients, candidates, and the environment.

wind mills

Expertise at a Glance

Get a quick overview of the diverse range of work we do across our four divisions.

prefab worker


From concrete pouring to precast panel assembly, we have the right experts for your prefab needs. Join forces with us for a reliable and efficient project execution.

petrochemical worker


Safe and reliable petrochemical work. At Blinkr, we are committed to providing quality services in the petrochemical industry. Our workers are experienced and well-trained in working with oil, gas, LNG and chemistry.

solar panel worker


Our Renewable division is all about creating sustainable energy solutions using cutting-edge technologies. From harnessing wind and solar power to developing hydrogen and heat pump systems, we're at the forefront of the green energy revolution. Explore our expertise and join us in shaping a brighter future.

HVAC worker


At Blinkr, we have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality heating, ventilation, and insulation projects. If you're looking for reliable HVAC solutions, look no further. Click the button below to explore our services.

Blinkr technology

Our Advanced Data Analysis System for Smart Decision-Making

Discover how Blinkr utilizes data analysis to effectively target the right mix of candidates for your organization. Our approach ensures that we engage not only active job seekers but also those who may be passively considering new opportunities.

candidate infographic
candidate infographiccandidate infographic

By leveraging our advanced technology, Blinkr is able to streamline the recruitment process and quickly identify the best candidates for your organization. Our proprietary system intelligently matches job requirements with candidate profiles, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit. With a focus on maintaining strong relationships with candidates, we ensure that the recruitment process is seamless, efficient, and successful.

We utilize the following tools in our funnel

candidate acquisition funnelcandidate acquisition funnelcandidate acquisition funnel

Satisfied Clients Share Their Experiences

Discover the impact of partnering with Blinkr

"Blinkr has been supporting us in recruiting concrete workers for a solid 4 years now. Blinkr knows exactly which people fit well with us and which soft skills are valuable. We know what we need from each other, and Blinkr understands our hands-on mentality."


Business Manager, MBS Soest

"Blinkr has been helping us for 2-3 years in finding insulation technicians. Currently, we have 2 permanent colleagues working with us. Blinkr arranged the accommodation and transportation for the employees."


Foreman, IsoHVAC

"Blinkr takes care of our administrative work. We only need to provide the worked hours of our employees on a weekly basis, and Blinkr handles the rest. This includes all the necessary contracts and certificates, such as the legal documents like the A1 declaration, as well as accommodation and transportation."

Dhr. Balkenende

Business Manager, Prefab beton soest

Knowledge base

Empower Your Business with Recruitment Expertise

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive Knowledge Base. From HR advice to industry-specific insights, the Blinkr Knowledge Base is your ultimate resource for staying informed and making strategic decisions for your business.

Happy Candidates, Satisfied Clients

At Blinkr, we prioritize creating a positive work environment for our technicians. This not only leads to satisfied candidates but also contributes to the success of our clients' projects. Don't just take our word for it – hear directly from our candidates about their experiences working with Blinkr.

Blinkr is there for me, making sure that I have a good time. Their support is fantastic!


Concrete carpenter

The recruiters at blinkr helped me to  find a job where I belong and can grow. I feel valued.​​


Mechanic solar panels

Accommodations are good, and the salary too. The people at this agency help you with everything.


Insulation fitter

The people at blinkr helped me with all the questions I had. Great agency that helps whenever you need help.



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