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Data-Driven Recruitment: The Power of Blinkr

Published on
August 21, 2023
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Hiring employees for a job is a complex process. The selection process often involves guesswork, gut feelings, and luck. Data-driven recruitment simplifies and streamlines this process, relying on knowledge and facts. In this blog, we'll delve into what data-driven recruitment entails and how Blinkr utilizes it.

What is Data-Driven Recruitment?

Data-driven recruitment involves acting based on knowledge and facts, optimizing the entire recruitment process by leveraging data. For instance, using data from Google Analytics to determine which channel attracts the most candidates and receives the highest number of applications. By identifying such channels, you can strategically and frequently utilize them.

Another example is mapping out the recruitment funnel. By measuring how many potential candidates drop out at different stages of the process, you can refine the recruitment process at those specific points.

Data-driven recruitment not only speeds up the process but also enhances accuracy and saves money. The goal of data-driven recruitment is to use all available data to make the best match.

How Does Blinkr Utilize Data-Driven Recruitment?

Every day, we improve and optimize our recruitment and matching processes through the development and implementation of data and algorithms. We operate from a vast database, a network of candidates, job vacancies, applications, and companies. By comparing past and new recruitment challenges from this database, we also employ it for online recruitment campaigns.

Once you post a vacancy with Blinkr, we analyze and match it within our system. If there's a match with a candidate in our database, we get in touch with them.

Digital Recruitment Campaigns

Vacancies are written with SEO optimization and promoted through various channels. Approximately 10% of individuals are actively job-seeking, while 75% are passively interested. By running campaigns on social media, Blinkr appeals to both groups. By targeting not only active job seekers but also the vast pool of latent job seekers through recruitment campaigns, the chances of filling the vacancy are increased.

The candidate you seek comes with specific conditions, characteristics, and qualities. The same applies to your company and its associated vacancy. Based on this information, Blinkr determines the target audience. We then create content that resonates with this audience, combining vacancy-specific requirements, your organization's unique selling points (USPs), and the candidate's areas of interest.

For a successful recruitment campaign, it is vital to make the content visible and strategically target different channels. We make these decisions based on data analysis and accumulated campaign history.

Smart Database

After sourcing candidates, they enter our system. From there, the matching process begins. With our intelligent system, we have a clear overview of candidates by region, industry, and position, enabling us to make better matches based on soft and hard skills. By combining technology and recruitment, we ensure a streamlined and effective process for both clients and candidates.

4 Advantages of a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy

1. Better Quality of Hire

Thorough data analysis reveals the motivations of your best candidates. Who are they? Where did they come from? What characteristics and soft skills do they share? By analyzing data from your top candidates, you gain insights into who to look for in the future and where to find them.

2. Lower Costs

Focusing less on redundant information and concentrating on essential variables in the process should lead to improved results and cost savings. A data-driven recruitment strategy helps save costs compared to traditional methods. If certain platforms yield few new quality candidates despite invested time and budget, you can choose to discontinue using them.

3. From Gut Feeling to Objective Decisions

Positive gut feelings don't guarantee a candidate's success, as you likely know from experience. Within a data-driven strategy, you use various technologies to select candidates in a structured and well-founded manner. Instead of making decisions based on feelings, working with collected data allows you to operate with real insights.

4. Enhanced Candidate Experience

Imagine discovering that certain data indicates candidates often drop out at a specific stage of the recruitment process. There must be a good reason for this. Identifying such data points allows you to create a better experience, preventing candidates from abandoning the process due to difficulties or discomfort. An improved candidate experience leads to more and better candidates.

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At IsoHVAC, our insulators work on the insulation of air ducts and pipelines. Each insulation project is unique, partly due to the different work environments. One day, work might be in commercial buildings or healthcare facilities, while another day it could be in the industrial sector or renovation market.

At IsoHVAC, our insulators work on the insulation of air ducts and pipelines. Each insulation project is unique, partly due to the different work environments. One day, work might be in commercial buildings or healthcare facilities, while another day it could be in the industrial sector or renovation market.

Paired with a buddy

Many employees at IsoHVAC have experience in insulation, such as for residential buildings. The specific knowledge needed for insulating air ducts and pipelines is learned by insulation technicians through practical experience. They are paired with a buddy who guides them through the entire insulation process.

Guiding projects independently

Eventually, our skilled workers progress to become independent insulators. At that point, they can also collaborate with project managers to oversee insulation projects. This involves tasks like handling customer interactions, ensuring a safe work environment, and maintaining quality standards.

Positive work atmosphere

A pleasant and relaxed work atmosphere prevails, characterized by strong camaraderie among colleagues. When someone needs assistance, colleagues are willing to help each other out.

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MBS Beton in Soest

At MBS Beton in Soest, our concrete workers work on the production of concrete elements such as balconies, stairs, walls and platforms. From carpentry of the formwork, pouring the elements, working with the overhead crane and the concrete finishing: our professionals do it all!

At MBS Beton in Soest, our concrete workers are engaged in the production of concrete elements such as balconies, stairs, walls, and platforms. From carpentry for formwork, pouring of the elements, operating the overhead crane, to concrete finishing – our skilled professionals handle it all!

Unique projects

Assignments are never the same, so there is always work on unique and custom concrete projects. Working at MBS Beton means being trained to become a true all-rounder in concrete!

Learning through practical experience

When a skilled professional starts here, all tasks are explained patiently. They are given time to learn the various aspects of the production process. While experience in the concrete sector is beneficial, at MBS Beton, they primarily consider the right work attitude, personality, and soft skills.

Relaxed working atmosphere

In the well-lit production hall, cheerful tunes are already playing on the radio. Everyone is 'doing their thing' and staying busy. There's a structured environment, where everyone knows what is expected of them, colleagues support each other, and there is laughter all around. It's an atmosphere where learning from each other is encouraged, and help is always readily available

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Recruiting Foreign Personnel through Social Media: Here's How to Do It!

Discover the game-changing role of social media in foreign worker recruitment. Maximize your reach, engagement, and impact by strategically leveraging popular platforms. Uncover effective techniques and expert insights for a successful recruitment journey.
Social media plays an indispensable role in our society, and we eagerly leverage it in the quest for foreign workers. To find the perfect candidate, you must be present where your target audience is, and that place is undoubtedly social media! It is the ideal platform to bring job vacancies to the attention of potential candidates. Let Blinkr show you how it's done.

Social Media Recruitment

When recruiting through social media, you utilize various social media channels to attract suitable candidates. We provide you with some practical tips to devise your social media strategy for international recruitment.

  1. Establish a Presence on Online Channels

This may sound obvious, but it is crucial to be consistently present on channels where your target audience is active. Showcase your company, your identity, and share your knowledge and experiences with your followers.

2. Enhance Visibility on Multiple Platforms

Share your content and job vacancies across different channels tailored to your target audience. While TikTok has seen significant growth in recent years, and the number of users on Instagram continues to rise, we observe a decline in active Facebook users. Nevertheless, your specific target audience might still be most active on Facebook. So, adapt your content not only to your audience but also consider the platform where you will publish it.

3. Know Which Social Media Channels are Popular in Each Country

Social media usage varies significantly across European countries. Therefore, research the country where you intend to place your job vacancy or content.

Apart from well-known platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, there might be other local social media channels that are popular in specific countries. It's essential to investigate these local platforms and understand which channels align best with your target audience in each specific country.

By thoroughly researching social media usage in each country where you plan to post your job vacancy or content, you can better align your marketing and recruitment strategies, selecting the right channels to convey your message. This will help you create a broader reach and increase engagement with the right audience.

4. Launch Campaigns

Once you have implemented the above points effectively, it's time to initiate a content or social media campaign. With a paid campaign, your message reaches even more people, particularly your specific target audience.

Exposure via social media 

When searching for candidates abroad through social media, you not only reach active job seekers but also latent job seekers – those who are not actively seeking employment. Your social media campaign (paid advertisement) catches their attention as well. Consequently, you generate exposure and extend the reach of your job vacancy. This is ideal, as the more people who see your job vacancy, the higher the likelihood of finding your ideal candidate.

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Werknemers uit het buitenland aannemen

Struggling with hiring in the Netherlands? Explore European talent with BlinkR! We handle paperwork, bring employees, and provide accommodation. Simplify your recruitment process today.

Due to labor market tightness, it is sometimes difficult to find the right employees in the Netherlands. It is advantageous to look for new staff in other European countries. Of course, this involves quite a bit of paperwork. How great is it then to collaborate with Blinkr? The organization that knows exactly how it works, brings employees to the Netherlands, handles the administration, and takes care of accommodation?

We recruit, select, and send candidates for various industries, including production, prefab-concrete, energy sector, insulation, petrochemicals, and HVAC. At the same time, we prefer projects that make a positive contribution to the environment and/or society as a whole.

What makes Blinkr special?

Reliability is our core value. We put our people first. This applies to our clients, partners, candidates, and colleagues. We are always there for our people, take care of everything, take responsibility, and share the knowledge we have. As we say: We've got your back!

In addition, we work with data-driven recruitment. We have a smart data system that helps us gain valuable insights about the recruitment of foreign personnel. This data system is a network of candidates, job vacancies, applications, and companies. We compare past recruitment challenges with new ones, all to make the best match for your company.

What does Blinkr exactly do?

Skilled professionals and no hassle. We take care of everything that needs to be arranged. That means: we select and recruit the best candidates and verify their documents. If the paperwork is correct, we arrange transportation to the Netherlands and accommodation. Once in the Netherlands, we take care of everything down to the last detail, including considering the commuting and paperwork required to work in the Netherlands.

Waarom samenwerken met Blinkr?

  • Through our smart data-driven network, we find the best candidates for your job vacancy or project;
  • Transportation and accommodation for the candidate are arranged by us.

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